SmartQsine™ takes care of whatever you decide that needs to be monitored, and does the job for you, giving you the information only when you really need it!


The system is made of a Pad, and an associated Smartphone/Tablet application.

The first time you will use the Pad, you just need to place on it the item that you want to monitor, set its current level, and…just forget it!

From now on, the Pad will start talking to your mobile, exchanging the information on the quantity of the good placed on it, silently, without you even noticing it.

  • When you are shopping, or arriving home, is when you really need to know that data. You take your mobile, and see for yourself if something needs to be bought or not.
  •  You can make your life even easier, by setting an alarm that will alert you when something is below a certain level. The alarm can be set for a specific time, or for when you approach a certain location (like your home or shop).
  •  You can have the application send a message to a person of your choice (your partner, your trusted grocery store guy right around the corner), when something is almost finished, and he or she will bring it to you.
  •  You can easily edit your shopping list, and be sure that the things that really matter to you are always available.


You have a small shop, and you don’t want to spend all your day running through the corridors, to be sure that the pantries are always kept full.

Well…You can monitor them…just from your desk. And you will know when you need to refill.

There are endless scenarios, and indeed you, the user, will surely have your special needs and ways to exploit the capabilities of the system.


Here are few things you need to know to assess if SmartQsine™ is suitable for your needs:

  • The Pad is as thin as possible. It is not going to be another bulky gadget in your home.
  • The associated app is made to be as streamlined as possible, although very flexible. It has been developed with the idea that you’ll not have to bother about it. It will do the job for you.
  • The same app will monitor several pads, thus allowing you to take care of all your items in a central, user friendly environment


To allow the user to save costs, we have developed 2 lines of Pads: Gold Pad, and Silver Pad

The Gold Pad has the capability to communicate with the mobile application, and to monitor not only what the user places on it, but also to acquire the data coming from several other Pads linked to it.

The Silver Pad doesn’t have communication capabilities, thus allowing it to be much cheaper than the Gold one. Once a Silver Pad is physically linked to a Gold Pad, it will be seen by the mobile application as a new independent Pad, with all the required features of the Gold model.

This means that, if a user wants to monitor multiple goods, she/he can purchase several Gold Pads, or just one Gold Pad, and several Silver ones to accomplish the same task.